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Styling With Plants - Botanical Vibes For Your Home

Styling your home with plants - botanical look at home

One of the quickest and easiest ways to transform a space in your home or office is by using plants.  Whether they be fresh potted plants or faux plants, it doesn't really matter, as faux plants have evolved dramatically over the years to become so much more realistic and lifelike.  You may have difficulty determining whether plants are real or faux, without actually touching them! Fresh plants have the added advantage of cleaning the air around us. Plants are almost therapeutic, in that they create a relaxing environment.  Think of plants as a finishing touch accessory that pulls your whole room decor together.

Styling your home with plants - botanical look at home


Our top tips for styling your home with plants

1.    Place plants in empty spaces that look bare, try and co-ordinate the plant pots and containers/baskets with the colour scheme of your room and your accessories.

2.   Use groups of plants together to give real impact, always use odd numbers of plants in each grouping, i.e. three or five plants together.

3.  Bring your kitchen to life with pots of fresh living herbs that you can use in your cooking.  There's something very homely about walking into a kitchen that has fresh herbs on the counter.

4.  Don't forget the bathroom, it's often the most neglected room in the house in terms of styling with anything other than soft fluffy towels & accessories.  Plants create a soft, relaxed environment and can bring your bathroom to life.  Experiment with some tall and trailing plants that thrive on moisture.

5.  When grouping plants together, choose different heights of plants for variation.  If all the plants that you want to use in your display are the same height, mix it up a little and raise the height of the ones at the back by being liberal in your use of plant stands and stools to achieve different heights.

6.  Coffee tables are probably one of the most popular places to style with plants.  Succulents are perfect for use on coffee tables, they look less staged and more organic, without being obtrusive. A little succulent plant sitting perfectly on a stack of books, next to a beautifully scented candle, can look like you effortlessly styled your home.

8. Don't forget to add plants to dark corners in hallways and living rooms, tall plants work particularly well in these areas, especially ones with striking leaves that give a little bit of a "wow" impact.  It's always good to make a great first impression!

9.  Adding little succulents to open shelving and bookcases, that are balanced with other decorative pieces, make your decor look like it was styled by a pro! Place three or five miniature plants in a row, on one or two shelves on a bookcase, next to a stack of three of your favourite books, and a nice candle and you'll have immediately created a stylish look. Then two shelves above or below, create a similar display but with a lesser number of plants, maybe alternate the order, have the plants on the opposite side of the shelf or centred when compared to the previous shelf. Voila, you've got your styling sorted !

The main thing to remember when styling with plants, is to experiment with different types, colours, shapes and sizes and move them around until you are happy with the finished look.  Something as simple as changing the plant container can totally change the look of your plants. Be creative and think of the space that you want to style, even when you have purchased plants and they don't suit the space that you bought them for, try them in another room or styled in a different way. There really is no wrong way, just sometimes, maybe a better way.  Whatever way you decide to get that botanical vibe going at home, it's easy to change things up until you are truly delighted with what you have achieved.

Happy styling!

 plant styling at home